The Islamic Seminary receives Foundation support

August 8, 2012 The Islamic Seminary was granted $36,000 by the Alavi Foundation toward the Book Distribution Program. The contribution is intended for use in expenses such as postage and handling. The ever-increasing presence of Muslims in the West and in the United States in particular, has made the media, general public, academic institutions, and government organizations pay more attention to Islam and the Muslim world. As a result, the Alavi Foundation has taken up the task of participating in dialogues concerning Islam and the West.  To this end, the Book Distribution Program was established in 1981. Through this program; the Alavi Foundation provided complimentary Islamic books to individuals, academic Institutions, public libraries, Islamic centers, and the penitentiaries within the United States.  Currently, the Foundation receives over 14,000 requests for Islamic Literature per year and distributes more than 15,000 texts free of charge, per year. ***