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Farsi Books (11/15/2015)

Re: Farsi Books-2015

We are pleased to inform you that the Farsi educational text books, grades 1-5, a perfect set for Farsi language students, are ready for distribution. Order Form

Community Update(3/27/2015)

Re: Community Update-2015-2

Since the previous community update released on 3/20/2015, we have received numerous questions from community members regarding the Alavi Foundation's ability to provide financial assistance Read more...

Community Update(3/19/2015)

Foundation support for the community and letigation process.

Dear Sisters, Brothers Salaam alaikum and Happy Nowruz! Once again, we write to provide you with an update regarding the ongoing litigation and activities of the Foundation in support of centers and schools. Read more...

Community Update(7/01/2014)

Ramadhan Mubarak! May we extend our congratulations on this holy month to whole Islamic World and pray Allah Almighty to bring peace, happiness and goodness to the Muslim World and humanity. Once again, we write to provide you with an update regarding the Foundation's activities and the ongoing litigation involving the Alavi Foundation and its properties. Here are the most important and recent updates since the date of our last communication in early May.

Friday June 6th, 2014

     Upon entering final judgment by the Court, Alavi Foundation appealed decisions granting the United States’ motions for summary judgment in a civil forfeiture action before the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York. Alavi Foundation also appealed orders granting summary judgment and turnover of property in favor of groups of plaintiffs seeking to enforce pre-existing judgments against the foreign state of Iran.

Community Update(5/03/2014)

The Foundation Is One Step Closer to Beginning the Appeal's Process. Alavi's Properties Are Protected Until After Appeal's Decision

Community Update(4/19/2014)

We Have the Right to Appeal the Court's Rulings, Alavi Foundation and Legal Team Are Fully Prepared to Appeal.

Latest News and Updates (4/05/2014)

Alavi Foundation Strongly Disagrees with the Court's Conclusions as a Matter of Law and Facts.

Statement regarding the court's decision of March 28, 2014 (April 1st, 2014)

Eid-e Nowruz Mubaarak!

AF Community Update (1/17/2014)

As a Result of Determined Efforts: The Foundation is Allowed to Pay for the Maintenance of its Properties.

BOD Resolution (10/19/2013)

Alavi Foundation Belongs to "The People"; Neither to Any Government, Nor to Any Group of People.

BOD Article (9/23/2013)

Alavi Foundation Report (9/23/2013)

Alavi Foundation Article (9/23/2013)

Statement on behalf of the Alavi Foundation (9/17/2013)

Alavi Foundation Article (9/17/2013)


Community Update (5/03/2014)(فارسی)

املاک بنیاد تا پایان روند تجدید نظر مصون از دست اندازی است. ظرف دو هفته آینده وبا تکمیل بررسی پرونده ازسوی دادگاه اولیه، بنیاد یک قدم به آغاز روند تجدید نظر نزدیک تر می شود

Community Update (4/19/2014)(فارسی)

بنیاد از حق قانونی خود برای تجدید نظر استفاده می کند؛ تاپیش از بررسی تقاضای تجدید نظر، احکام دادگاه نیویورک نمیتواند به اجرا درآید

Latest News and Updates (4/11/2014)(فارسی)

اعتراض شدید بنیاد به آرای صادره دادگاه نیویورک؛ بنیاد و تیم وکلا معتقدند ایرادات اساسی به آرای صادره وارد است


(4/19/2014)Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Marziyeh Afkham underscored that the Alavi Charity Foundation has nothing to do with the Iranian government, and described the US court's verdict to confiscate the Alavi Foundation's properties unwise and politically tainted. The Iranian spokeswoman stressed that the recently issued verdict by a court in the US on confiscation of properties, belonging to the Alavi Charity Foundation, is based on fake documents, and thus lacks creditability and value. Afkham said that the issuance of a court verdict in accordance with anti-Iranian political propagations along with confiscation order against the properties of a charity fund that has absolutely no relation with the Iranian government raises questions on the credibility of the US judiciary system.

(04/19/2014) خبرگزاری رسمی ایران به نقل از سخنگوی وزارت خارجه ایران اعلام کرد: بر خلاف ادعاهای بی‌پایه دادستان و تصمیم کاملا سیاسی و تبلیغاتی دادگاه، بنياد علوي نیویورک یک موسسه مستقل خيريه در آمريكا است، كه هیچ ارتباطي با ايران ندارد. علاوه براینکه این بنیاد هیچ ارتباطی با ایران ندارد، ادعای دادستان و تصمیم دادگاه علیه ایران هم فاقد هرگونه مبنا و مستند حقوقی است.

After Court order on September 11th, 2013 Alavi Foundation has not been allowed to approve any of the many grants submitted from individuals, universities, and cultural centers to the Foundation. We do hope that once litigation against the Foundation is settled, Foundation can once again provide grants to America.

A sample of 40 years of dedication and donation to the communities. Maryland IEC and MCS

Norouz contributions (May 2013)

$100,000 for Hurricane Sandy relief (Jan 2013)

Muslim Community School donation (Nov 2012)

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