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The Alavi Foundation has been giving grants to colleges and universities since 1984. These grants were made in support of Shia studies, Iranian studies and the teaching of Persian language. In the past twenty five years, Alavi Foundation has distributed over several millions of dollars in the form of grants to over thirty colleges and universities in North America.

Among the academic institutions that have received grants are: Harvard University,
Princeton University, Columbia University, University of California, McGill University, Rutgers University, Catholic University of America, University of Maryland, University of Michigan, University of Arizona, Portland State University, Binghamton State University, San Diego State University, Sacred Heart University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Wisconsin, Boston University, Georgia State University, Ohio State University, University of Virginia, University of Texas, Carleton University, University of Alberta, University of Southern California, California State University, Kutztown University, Hunter College, Bard College, Lake Forest College, and Hartford Seminary.

The absence of diplomatic relations between Iran and the United States has resulted in a substantially diminished exchange of scholars and students between the two countries. As a result, Shia studies, Iranian studies, and especially the teaching of Persian language have all drastically been reduced or even eliminated from many university programs. Therefore, the Alavi Foundation's academic grant program has been vital to the community and toward the preservation of Shia studies, Iranian studies, and the teaching of persian language.

The Alavi Foundation encourages universities in North America to offer courses on Persian language, Iranian studies and the Islamic culture with a focus on Shi'ite studies. Alavi Foundation grants are instrumental in building the continuity and quality of such higher education programs.

Grant Applicants must:

• Establish a six-year matching funds program (preferably a tenure track position)
• Submit quarterly progress reports to Alavi Foundation
• Fully comply with terms and conditions set by Alavi Foundation in a prepared contract signed by both parties

Alavi Foundation grants are renewed on a yearly basis and are dependent on positive progress reports. Generally, the Foundation's grants do not cover overhead expenses.

To apply, please send your detailed proposal to:

Alavi Foundation
C/O Colleges & Universities
650 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2406
New York, NY 10019