Grant Programs > Grant for the Support of Interfaith Dialogue and Religious Pluralism

The Alavi Foundation has sponsored various conferences to promote interfaith dialogue, religious pluralism and harmony among the followers of world religions in the United States.  These conferences were organized by institutions such as Temple of Understanding, Hartford Seminary and Eastern Mennonite University. The Foundation recognizes that in a global village and post 9/11 world, more so than ever, we are in need of religious pluralism and interfaith dialogue to facilitate mutual understanding among communities of faith and to realize religious harmony, peaceful coexistence and eventual world peace. 

The Alavi Foundation provides funds in support of Interfaith and Religious Pluralism projects.

Grant Applicants must:

• Submit a proposal to the Alavi Foundation
• Show the significance of the project in advancing the cause of religious pluralism and interfaith dialogue

To apply, please send your detailed proposal to:

Alavi Foundation
C/O Interfaith and Religious Pluralism Project
650 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2406
New York, NY 10019