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The Financial Aid Program for helping Islamic Organizations was initiated in 1986. Alavi Foundation has helped over 36 Islamic centers and continues to support Islamic centers, which are established, managed and used by local Muslim communities throughout the United States.  The Foundation recognizes that such local centers are vital in providing cultural and religious services to the respected communities. 

Grant Applicants must:

• Be a not-for-profit corporation organized and in good standing under the laws of the state of incorporation
• Create the Islamic center for the purpose of serving the religious needs of the local Muslim community 
• Form an independent board of directors
• Provide a copy of the permanent tax-exempt status letter from the IRS 
• Make financial records available upon request
• Manage and operate Islamic center in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations
• Be in full compliance with terms and conditions set by Alavi Foundation in a prepared contract signed by both parties
• Raise one third of purchase or construction funds through the local community

To apply, please complete our grant applicationPDF and mail it to:

Alavi Foundation
C/O Islamic Organizations
650 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2406
New York, NY 10019


More about this Program

The Alavi Foundation has acquired four properties and constructed centers that have been used by local Shia communities with full time Islamic schools and Weekend Persian schools. These centers are as follows:

Islamic Institute of New York
55-11 Queens Blvd.,
Woodside, NY 11377

Islamic Education Center of Maryland
7917 Montrose Road
Potomac, MD 20854

Islamic Education Center of Texas
2313 S. Voss
Houston, TX 77257

Qoba Foundation 
4836 Marconi Avenue, 
Carmichael, CA 95608

List of Loan/Donation Recipients for this Program:

1. Islamic Education Center, MD
2. Jafaria Association of North America, NY
3. Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat of Pennsylvania
4. Sahebozzaman Islamic Center, GA
5. Idara-e-Jafferia, MD
6. Irshad Learning Center, IL
7. Islamic House of Wisdom, MI
8. Islamic Institute of Ahlalbait, Inc., CT
9. Shia Association of Bay Area, Inc., CA
10. City of Knowledge School, CA
11. Bab ul Ilm Islamic Center, CA
12. Az-Zahra Center, KS
13. Aramgah Memorial Garden Foundation, PA
14. American Moslem Foundation, WA
15. Al-Zahra Islamic Center, TN
16. Al-Zahrah Islamic Center, KY
17. Alrasool Islamic Center, UT
18. Al-Mahdi Benevolent Foundation, AZ
19. Islamic Education Center of San Diego, CA
20. Razi School, NY
21. Jafaria Association of Connecticut, Inc., CT
22. Zainabia Nonprofit, Inc., GA
23. Islamic Center of Portland
24. Manassa Masjid
25. Muslim Foundation, Inc., NJ
26. Noor Center Corp.
27. Hejrat Foundation, CA
28. Shia Islamic Education Center, MO
29. Anjuman-E-Haideri, TX
30. Masjid al-Islam, DC
31. Muslim Community School, MD
32. Ahlul Bayt Mosque, Inc., NY
33. Al-Mahdi Islamic Center, TN
34. Zainabia Nonprofit Inc., GA
35. Quran Account Inc., MD
36. Universal Muslim Association of America, MD