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The Scholarly Research Grant Program was initiated in 1984 to advance the cause of Islamic and Iranian studies in North America.  In the past, we have provided funds for the support of scholarly research of many scholars in the aforementioned areas of study. Such projects included the translation of Al-Sahifat al-Kamilat Al-Sajjadiyya (the Fourth Shia Imam’s collection of Prayers and Supplications), the translation of Al-Kafi ( 8 volume collection of Shia Hadith literature) compiled by Abu Ja’far Muhammad Ibn Ya’qub al-Kulayni, Tarikhe Bayhaqi ( a major Persian classical history) written by Abu’l-Fazl Bayhaqi, and Usule Fiqh (Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence) written by Allama Muhammad Baqir Sadr, Partovi Az Qurán (A Ray of the Qurán-6 volumes of Qurán commentary) written by Ayatollah Seyyed Mahmoud Taleghani and Al-Mizan Fi Tafsir’Al-Qurán (a few volumes out of the original 20 volume commentary on the Qurán) written by Alamah Seyyed Muhammad Husayn Tabatabai.   

Grant Applicants must:

• Submit a research proposal to the Alavi Foundation
• Show the topic of research is relevant to Iranian/Shi'ite studies 
• Comply with terms and conditions set by Alavi Foundation in a prepared contract signed by both parties

To apply, please send your detailed proposal to:

Alavi Foundation
C/O Scholarly Research
650 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2406
New York, NY 10019